May 27

Understanding Unemployment Insurance

If you have your own business, you've probably heard of unemployment insurance. In fact, if you have any employees, you've definitely had to pay it and administer a policy. In this article, we will break down how unemployment insurance works both on a federal and state level and what you need to know to be within the law. We think this topic is so important, we've actually covered it before and today we're just here to give you a refresher.

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May 22

Impact of Affordable Care Act on Startups

We've written a whitepaper about the impact of the ACA on small businesses. If you'd like to download it for free, you can do so here.

Going by the name Affordable Care Act or the more negative-sounding Obamacare, ACA is one of the most controversial bills that have ever come out of the Legislative Branch. Along with that controversy is a law that could have serious implications on your business depending on where in your growth you currently are.

Right off the bat, the important thing to keep in your mind is the number 50. According to the ACA, no small business with fewer than 50 full-time employees (FTE) is required to offer healthcare. But the one detail that many fail to represent is that part-time employees do count towards your total employee count, they just count differently than full time employees.

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May 20

What's a PEO? (and why you should probably find out!)

Have you ever heard the term PEO? If not, you're not alone. But PEOs can be pretty helpful to small and medium sized companies, so here's our version of a 101.

The acronym PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization and they work with small businesses to help them manage compliance, human resources, payroll, benefits, and so many of the other required functions necessary to running a business. PEOs handle all of this for you and so many other things so that you are able to focus on what matters most: growing your business.

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May 19

Justworks Raises its Series B from Bain Capital Ventures, Thrive Capital and Index Ventures

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve closed a $13 million Series B financing round, led by Bain Capital Ventures with participation from Thrive Capital and Index Ventures. We are also excited to welcome Matt Harris, our partner at BCV, to our board. Justworks is fortunate and grateful to have some of the most thoughtful and insightful investors around—investors that see what we see, investors that share our values.

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May 18

3 Small Office Changes to Boost Productivity and Happiness

Improving employee morale and productivity doesn’t have to be an expensive or difficult task. For smaller companies or startups, it’s important to realize that working toward higher employee performance and happiness on a daily basis can do far more than any employee perk the bigger brands can afford to offer.

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May 15

Offering Summer Fridays is an Inexpensive Perk Employees Will Love

I can still remember the day I got the email that my company would be offering me four days during the summer to take a half day. Just four simple days that I could leave at 1 PM - I was ecstatic.

Once I came down from the high that I was feeling about suddenly getting having a little more time off than I originally would have, I put some thought into it. And I realized that my company was offering a very inexpensive, but morale building perk to us that could have long-lasting benefits on the success of the firm.

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May 13

Should I Offer Vision and Dental Insurance to My Employees?

Offering health insurance is pretty much a must these days, especially with the rules put forth by the Affordable Care Act that mandate employers of a certain size (more than 50 starting in 2016) provide it. However, when it comes to vision and dental insurance, there are no rules. The insurance exists, but no employer is mandated—federally—to provide either of them.

While something might not be mandated doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be offered. However, it’s not so black-and-white about whether you should offer it. Fundamentally, a lot of it comes down to cost. Can the business afford it? Should the business pay for it? Read More
May 11

How to Measure Monthly Employee Sentiment to Increase Retention Sans Hassle

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s been a pretty big shift in consumer attitudes since the invention of the web. Steve Jobs likely kicked this off, creating fonts and touchscreens we didn’t even know we wanted –– but that few of us could now do without. Today, most companies understand that how a customer feels about their product and services is more important than just about anything else. Its how Apple gets so many people to stand in line for a new iPhone that has maybe three feature upgrades, while Android phones can rewrite the smartphone playbook (and in a good way!) and not have a single soul physically waiting for its release.

Customer sentiment matters –– and it’s why so many household name companies have begun using the NPS system to determine how they are doing when it comes to generating positive customer sentiment.

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May 08

How to Stay Compliant When You Expand Your Business to a New State

Your business is growing and sometimes, with growth, comes the need to expand geographically. Maybe you've decided it's finally time to open up that office in California, or maybe you've found out that it's easier to recruit talent if you're willing to hire remote workers. Whatever the reason, the news are exciting! It means you're growing. 

If you find yourself in this position though, we'd just like to urge you to remember the compliance aspects of growth. While the United States is one country, it is important to understand that each state is its own legal domain and they all have their own rules.

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May 07

When to Get an In-House HR Department and When to Outsource

When you first start your business, your priority is to hire people who are integral to building the product and growing the company. If you are running a tech company, those people are engineers, product managers, marketers and maybe even sales people. If you're running a consulting firm, you're looking for the talented consultants that will service your clients. And so on. Every business has the departments that move the bottom line and grow the business.

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