Mar 27

Practical Matters: A conversation with Stella Garber @ Trello

Practical Matters is a series of conversations with founders and senior executives at companies we know and love. Every month, we'll interview fellow entrepreneurs and their teams and ask them about their experience starting and running their respective companies. The idea is to ask them things we want to know and could learn from. Last week, we spoke with Kevin Huynh, COO at Creative Mornings.

Today, we're talking to Stella Garber who heads up marketing at Trello. Trello just recently hit a major milestone with 7 million users and has been a Justworks user for a while!

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Mar 26

Just A Note: Robert Lopez

Hiring. It’s one of the most difficult, yet rewarding duties as a manager. I have had the good will to have hired over fifty people between my current role at Justworks and previously at Groupon over the last few years.  With that kind of volume there are a number of important lessons I have learned and questions to ask to determine if a candidate can be the right one for you and your organization.   I like to divide this into attributes I look for and questions to determine whether the candidate fits the role.

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Mar 25

March Madness Office Pools – Is It Legal and Worth It?

Office pools are a huge money maker around the country. It’s estimated that at least $3 billion is put into office pools around the country. But did you know that every time you participate in a March Madness bracket pool, you are effectively breaking the law? And if you are the one organizing it, you could be in even more trouble?

It’s crazy to think about, but unless your company is based out of Nevada, it’s likely illegal for your employees to participate in an office pool. The United States is actually pretty uncomfortable when it comes to gambling and while it’s not sitting in a back smoky room with a bunch of bookies, betting money on who is going to win a game, even amongst friends and colleagues, is technically illegal.

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Mar 23

It’s Kinda Awkward: Picking & Choosing Which Religious Holidays Your Company Should Have Off

It’s officially a trend. The U.S. is quickly updating its vacation policies in relation to religious holidays. That said, which religious holidays should you give off for your employees, if any? We break down exactly what you need to know to make sure you are complying with the law and empathizing with your religious employees.

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Mar 20



Happy Friday! We know you've been super busy bein' successful (or recovering from St. Patty's day...), so here's a quick recap of what you may have missed over the last few weeks. Enjoy!

Just a note from our founder and CEO, Isaac Oates. We also sat down for a chat with CreativeMornings COO, Kevin Huynh. 

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Mar 19

Just A Note: Marc Rosenberg

Before joining Justworks in the fall of 2013, I worked as an HR manager and recruiter for a software consulting company headquartered in New York City. It was my job to interview new employees, get them set-up with their benefits and work with the operations team to get everyone paid. I knew the ins and outs of how the company functioned and I knew all the major blockers along the way (insurance brokers, inadequate government websites, and Excel spreadsheets for payroll).

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Mar 18

Offer Your Employees Commuter Benefits – Everyone Saves Money

Saving money is really important for a startup. Every dollar counts, especially with there being a Series A crunch going on. You want to survive as long as you can without needing to raise further funds.

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Mar 16

The Visa Series Part 3: E3s, TNs and O1s

This is the third part in a 3-part series about work visas. In the past two pieces, we’ve covered the H1B and the L1 visas, which are two of the most common types of work visas. The last two pieces went into a lot of detail about how to apply for these visas and even what we’d recommend in terms of applying.

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Mar 13

Practical Matters: A conversation with CreativeMornings COO, Kevin Huynh

Starting today, we're launching an entrepreneur interview series called Practical Matters. Every month, we'll interview fellow entrepreneurs and ask them about their experience starting and running their respective companies. The idea is to ask them things we want to know and could learn from. 

We're kicking off the series with CreativeMornings (CM) COO, Kevin Huynh. Kevin has been working alongside Tina Roth Eisenberg and the talented CM since July 2011 and will be stepping down on March 20th.

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Mar 12

Just A Note: Isaac Oates


I worked at Amazon from 2002-2009, with a break in the middle for business school. People often ask me what it was like to work there, and why they’ve been so successful.

I argue that their success, as they’ve pursued myriad business and product lines across many verticals and markets, is driven almost entirely by the quality of their thinking.

Here’s what I mean: When you go to a meeting with Jeff Bezos at Amazon, you spend time preparing a document. It could be called a narrative, a 1-pager, or something else–the name doesn’t really matter. The document is an articulation of what you are trying to accomplish and your understanding of what it will take to get there. The document is long, thorough, and written in prose.

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