May 04

The Ultimate Guide To A Successful Company Retreat

Doing a company retreat is similar to doing an employee review: If you actually care about the results, you’ll have a great one.

But if you’re going to take valuable feedback and fail to act on it, you’ll spend lots of money and yield few results.

To ensure that you don’t have a boring or useless company offsite, you have to really believe that they are useful. Otherwise, you’re going to walk in, do some trust falls and ice breakers, and walk out not having any more plans than when you went in.

So how do you ensure your offsite event isn’t a waste of time?

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May 02

Does Your Company Qualify for This ACA Tax Credit?

We’ve made a simple guide to answer all your ACA questions, which you can download here.

Now that many employers are required to offer some kind of healthcare, it’s beneficial to know what tax breaks your company may be eligible for.

As of 2016, The Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) has transitioned into Phase II of the tax credit breaks, which is good news for employers — it means that potential credits for-profit small businesses are eligible to receive have jumped from 35% to 50%.

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Apr 29

Announcing New Benefits: One Medical and Health Advocate

We are always working to make sure we’re adding the features and benefits that make it easy for you to run your business and take care of your team. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with One Medical and Health Advocate to offer on demand, primary care and personal health advocacy services to companies offering healthcare through Justworks.

And the best part? This is free of charge, included as part of the Justworks benefits package. We strongly believe all of our members should have access to the best in healthcare. Both of these services will be available to employees starting on June 1st.

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Apr 28

Justworks Has a Stellar Work Culture. Here’s How We Hire To Keep It.

We’ve written a comprehensive guide on how to hire employees that fit your company values. You can download it for free here.

We’re quite proud of our company culture here at Justworks; just look at our company’s Glassdoor reviews. Team members think the “commitment to making an excellent product is palpable,” and that the “office is filled with hard working, enthusiastic, and incredibly nice people.”


These reviews are just a small reflection of the commitment to an open, motivated environment at Justworks. And that commitment can require significant time, thought, and resources.

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Apr 27

NerdWallet: How to Qualify For a Small Business Loan in 5 Steps

This is a guest post from NerdWallet. NerdWallet helps empower small business owners with the information and tools necessary to start and effectively run their businesses.

Whether you want to turn your online store into a brick-and-mortar shop, expand to a new location, or just add a few employees, your enterprise could benefit from a small business loan.

A wide array of lenders offer an even wider variety of loans, each with a different set of rules and qualifications. Applying for a business loan can be daunting, but you can remove some stress from the process by taking these steps.

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Apr 25

Part-Time vs Full-Time Employees: What Are the Qualifying Hours?

We’ve written a whitepaper on how to correctly classify employees, so you’re getting full time, part time, and everything in between right.

If you’re researching the question about what constitutes full-time and part-time hours, you’ve likely run into different definitions in different places. And with conflicting government definitions floating around, it makes it hard to know what’s correct and what’s not.

So, what really makes for a full-time and part-time employee in the United States? And what are the consequences for employers if they don’t get it right the first time around?

Whether you’re an employee or employer looking for the right definition, the classification of full-time and part-time workers has far-reaching implications both in health care options and other coveted benefits.

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Apr 22

Worried About Employee Turnover? Make Sure You're Taking These 7 Steps

The day is inevitable: at some point or another, your employees will leave. Everyone knows that jobs rarely last a lifetime, but it’s still important to retain the talent that will really make your company shine.

Companies spend $4,000 on average to fill an open position, and that doesn’t even begin to speak to the amount of lost productivity and impact an empty role has on a small team.

So how can you keep the people who make a difference in your company? Compensation is only one small factor — in fact, most of it has to do with employee motivation and happiness.

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Apr 21

The 5 Most Common Employment Law Risks

This is a guest post, reprinted with permission from our friends at Early Growth Financial Services. Founder David Ehrenberg breaks down exactly what you need to do to protect your small business from the biggest employment risks.

Why worry about employment law risks when you have enough things to focus on: building your team, getting traction, and lining up funding? Well, as the adage goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Spending some time making sure you have a handle on these 5 significant, often overlooked, areas of business risk will help to significantly minimize their chances of inflicting major damage down the road.

For further exploration, a great resource is this webinar with Karen Reinhold of Hopkins & Carley and EGFS’ Chief Strategy Officer Glenn McCrae. OK, let's dive in to these 5 risks in detail.

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Apr 20

New Feature: Pre-Tax Savings with Flexible Spending Accounts

At Justworks, we’re always working to add great benefits to our platform that will help you easy and affordable to take care of your team and attract new talent,. Our latest addition to this roster of benefits is Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs).

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Apr 18

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA): Everything You Need to Know

What is the FLSA?

Introduced in 1938, the Fair Labor Standards Act, or FLSA, is a federal law that governs working wages, hours, and recordkeeping for both full-time and part-time workers. The FLSA covers overtime pay, minimum wage, child labor standards, and record keeping.

Who Does the FLSA Apply To?

Employers with two or more employees are required to follow federal FLSA standards.

What Are Exempt vs Non-Exempt Employees?

In order to comply with FLSA laws, you must have a full understanding of exempt and non-exempt employees. How you classify your employees determines which labor laws apply to them and which don’t. If you’re not sure whether your employee is full time, part time, or an independent contractor, check out this post on employee classification.

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