May 27

Have an Employee Who is Leaving? We Made a Guide for That.

Whether your employee has left your company for another one or passed away, the required paperwork is hard to keep top of mind when a big transition is taking place.

Offboarding a departing employee isn’t as simple as waving goodbye and wishing them well. Between IRS forms, payroll and benefit complications, and electronic account access, details can slip through the cracks. Have a procedure in place.

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May 26

What You Need to Know About the New Federal Overtime Ruling

Last week, the U.S. Department of Labor officially defined the new income threshold for exempt and non-exempt employees. Employers take note: these changes will affect wages or hours worked for approximately 13 million Americans, and perhaps some of your own employees.

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May 25

Should You Get Citi Bike Perks for Your Team?

In celebration of Bike to Work Month, Justworks gave six companies free Citi Bike memberships for a year to encourage the happiness and health of their employees.

With all the buzz around biking to work this month, you may wonder if the perk is the right fit for your team.

Kristy Zoshak, Director of Sales and Marketing at Citi Bike, spoke with us on Bike to Work Day about why Citi Bike is such a great perk for both employers and employees. She also gave us tips on her favorite places to pedal and resources for new riders in New York.

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May 23

Working Remotely: How to Increase Productivity Outside the Office

With the advent of coffee shops, wifi, and laptops, the 21st century has presented us a beautiful gift: the advantage of working remotely.

Remote work offers plenty of positive benefits for both employers or employees, whether daily or occasionally. At Justworks, I’m lucky to have a flexible work schedule that enhances my productivity. In fact, I’m writing this piece in a coffee shop right now; it’s arguably the most productive I’ve been all week.

Here are the many reasons why it’s helps to switch up your working environment — and how to get the most out of your time in a fresh spot.

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May 20

13 Team Bonding Ideas That Coworkers Will Actually Enjoy

Update: Looking for more ways to create a great work environment? Check out our free guide on perks and benefits that grow employee happiness.

Most people in the work force have experienced boring team building activities before. And how many ice breakers can one team really go through to learn about each other?

But team building is important for uniting coworkers, working on strengths and weaknesses, and boosting employee morale.  

So how can we make team building exercises less mind numbingly boring?

Believe it or not, activities do exist that are fun, unique, and unite coworkers together. They can range from a simple game to start off a meeting to a day-long offsite.  Look no further for team bonding ideas that are actually enjoyable!

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May 18

Exempt vs Non-exempt Employees: Learn the Difference

Update: The US Labor Department has issued a regulation that most salaried workers must get time-and-a-half overtime pay if they earn up to $47,476 a year and work over 40 hours a week. The ruling goes into effect December 1, 2016. The new regulation may change the way you classify employees, and Justworks is here to help. We'll have a blog post with more in the coming week. In the meanwhile, learn more about exempt and non-exempt employees below.

Exempt and non-exempt are two words that most employers have heard of at least once. And the reason is because all employees are either exempt or non-exempt.

There is no middle ground between the two terms, which makes understanding the differences between the two a little easier.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) mandates that employers classify any job—current and new—as being exempt or non-exempt.

We outline each term below.

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May 17

Diversify Your Skillset When Going From Corporate to Startup

Making the leap from a corporate work environment to a startup is more than just a career change — it’s also a lifestyle change. You’ll have the chance to expand your role and make a big impact at a smaller company, for better or worse.

We got advice from Justwomen panelists Emily Menchel and Elizabeth Galbut, who both experienced firsthand how their roles shifted after making the switch. Emily Menchel spent six years practicing corporate law before she became General Counsel for the startup Persado, and Elizabeth Galbut began her career at Deloitte Consulting before founding her own venture capital startup, SoGal Ventures.

Emily and Elizabeth will share more on going from the corporate world to startup life at the next Justwomen event on May 18. Interested in attending? Learn more about our quarterly event for women entrepreneurs here.

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May 16

How Do Business Owners Get Paid? Meet The Owner's Draw

Update: We've built a handy reference sheet that outlines how owners can be paid. You can download it for free here.

In many businesses workers are paid wages or a salary, and that compensation is subject to income tax withholding and employer taxes.

But sole proprietors, partners in a partnership, and the members of a limited liability company are never paid wages because they are considered to be self-employed. So how do such individuals take money out of the business? It is by means of an “owner's draw” or just a regular old “draw”? 

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May 13

Justwomen 2016: 5 Questions with Emily Menchel

Emily Menchel, General Counsel at Persado

As General Counsel for Persado, Emily Menchel does far more than just advising on legal matters.

Before she began her current role, Emily spent some time abroad helping women — the first time in Ghana where she worked for a female representative running for parliament, and the second time in Cape Town at a legal rights organization.

She took some time to talk with us about the unique challenges of working at a startup and her hopes for the upcoming Justwomen event.

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May 12

Are Expense Reimbursements Taxable Income? - Expenses 101

Update: We've built a guide detailing valid business expenses and showing you how to build an expenses plan. Download it for free here.

Every business incurs costs and expenses that reduce the business's taxable income. Sometimes, these expenses may be incurred by employees during the course of business.

A common practice is to reimburse such expenses, but the question then arises: Are these expense reimbursements taxable income to the employee?

Page 15 of IRS Publication 15, (Circular E), Employer's Tax Guide, states that expense reimbursements do not have to be included in an employee's wages if the business has an “accountable” plan.

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