Feb 10

CloserIQ: 8 Creative Ideas for Motivating Underperforming Reps

This guest post is brought to you by CloserIQ.

One of the hardest tasks of a manager is to confront employees who are underperforming. How do you have that conversation? What do you focus on? What can you do to help things improve? The follow eight ideas will help you motivate underperforming sales hires and improve their numbers.

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Feb 08

We Can't Get Over These 8 Justwomen Quotes for Women Entrepreneurs

Yes, we know that we just posted interviews with Lisa Mann and Diane Hessan on Friday, but we couldn't resist a highlight reel from the Justwomen 2016 winter event.

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Feb 05

Justwomen 2016: Powerful Advice for Women in Business

Pictured left: CEO of Startup Institute, Diane Hessan. Right: Executive VP of Kind Snacks, Lisa Mann. (Photo: Forbes) 

Throughout their years of experience, Executive VP of Kind Snacks Lisa Mann and CEO of Startup Institute Diane Hessan have continually risen to the top. However, being women in business can come with unique struggles, and unique triumphs. For the Justwomen Winter 2016 event, both sat down to talk about their experiences in front of 100 other women entrepreneurs in New York City. 

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Feb 04

Boost Employee Productivity with These 6 Slack Features

If your business has ties with the burgeoning tech sector, chances are you’re familiar with Slack. If you’re not, we implore you to download it. Slack is an app that allows you to chat with your co-workers instantly. And whether you’re a small business or a rapidly growing one, the app has multiple uses. Not only will it increase communication between you and your team, but it will also cut down on superfluous emails. Basically, it’s a win-win.

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Feb 03

Moving Offices: 5 Ways to Promote Company Culture After the Move

This guest post is brought to you by Kisi. Kisi makes it easy to manage employee and visitor keys to your office with smartphone access.

Companies relocate for a number of reasons. Whether it’s real estate prices, office size, or strategic business reasons, keeping employee morale high is important for promoting company culture and maintaining high productivity.

With so many moving pieces involved with a business changing locations, it’s important to prioritize the employee when settling into your new space. Employees are the lifeblood of your business and keep the wheels turning, so ensuring the transition is as seamless as possible for them is imperative.

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Feb 01

How Does Unemployment Insurance Work? And Why Does My Company Need It?

Looking for a comprehensive overview? Download a free guide on unemployment insurance to make sure you're staying compliant.

If you run a company with employees, you are legally required to have unemployment insurance. We're here to walk you through a crash course about what it is, why you need it, and how it's billed.

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Jan 29

Upgrade Your Morning Routine To Become A More Productive Leader

The best business leaders know how to make the best use of their time — and that all starts before heading to the office. Take billionaire John Paul DeJoria, for example, who takes five minutes for quiet reflection. Or exec Kat Cole, who drinks 24 ounces of water every morning.
But for most people, it takes a while to develop a health-conscious routine that allows maximum creativity and productivity. So how do you make your daily routine as productive as a productive leader? Here are some tips on how to start your morning off right. Once you develop your ultimate morning routine, it’ll set the tone for the rest of your day.

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Jan 27

Employee Turnover: 6 Reasons Why Good Employees Leave

Ebbs and flows in an organization’s staff are not uncommon, but high employee turnover is a sure sign of a much more disruptive undercurrent. According to a Gallup study published earlier this year, one in two employees surveyed cited their boss as the reason for leaving a job.

As a manager, steer clear of these six issues that cause employees to leave.

Are you interested in learning how to win the talent war? Find out more here.

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Jan 26

Time Off for Small Business Leaders: Yes, You Do Need It

Leading a business isn't as much a 9-5 job as a 24-hour lifestyle. You're no stranger to the hard work and sacrifice that comes with your company’s growth — and in the battle for balance, R&R are usually the first sacrifices to the entrepreneurial gods.

But the question you should be asking yourself is whether that's really the best strategy for running a business. While we all agree that taking time off is nice, it’s easy to forget just how vital such breaks are to our physical and mental well-being.

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Jan 25

Work Fearlessly With Justworks' Free Resources Library

Here at Justworks, we’re always trying to find ways to help your small business run smoother. That’s why we’ve blogged and written eBooks: to share what we’ve learned on growing a business and a team. After more than a year of blogging regularly, we’ve published hundreds of articles and it may be hard to choose which ones are most relevant to you.

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