Apr 24

ICYMI - Just a Note, Health Care 101, & Automatic Online Benefits Enrollement

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Happy Friday and Happy Spring! We know you've been super busy bein' successful (or planning your Summer Friday adventures...), so here's a quick recap of what you may have missed over the last few weeks. Enjoy!

Just a note from our Head of Product, Camila Velasquez. We also sat down for a chat with RockPaperRobot founder and CEO, Jessica Banks. 

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Apr 22

7 Reasons You Love Your Office Manager

It might not seem like it at first, but one of the very important positions that you - a leader at a fast growing startup - need is a tremendously talented executive assistant and/or office manager. It seems a little backwards to say that, but there are plenty of reasons why you should not only have one, but to also love that person.

After reading this list, go out and buy a gift for your assistant because it is Administrative Professionals Day.  

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Apr 22

Healthcare 101: Know the Basics

Trying to make sense of what your healthcare policy means can be pretty difficult. Terms like deductible, co-insurance, and co-payment can all be pretty confusing and ones that might sound like the same thing.

There are clear over 100 different terms that you might hear at any point during your life when dealing with health insurance, but the ones in this glossary are the main ones that you’ll 100% have to deal with if you have healthcare. Learn these and you’ll be in good shape to make the right decisions about your plan.

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Apr 20

The Happiness Checklist: A New Hire Onboarding List That Will Help You Increase Retention

The onboarding experience is crucial for employee retention. This is the moment at which you can set someone up for success within your company. And hey, you probably just spent a good chunk of time and money to find this person in the first place and get them to take the job, so not onboarding them correctly would be a total waste.

Onboarding is difficult for a new company because: a) current employees don't normally feel like they have time to do it, and b) the people doing the onboarding have typically been at the company for a while and sometimes they can be a little unaware of what new hires know and don't know. It’s easy to forget how confusing a new company vibe was and sometimes relevant details slip through the crack. The checklist below will help to make sure that doesn’t happen and that you’re introducing your new employees to a successful career with your company.

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Apr 18

Automatic, Online Benefits & Streamlined Dashboard

As our Head of Product alluded to in her blog post, we recently spent some time developing product guidelines that inform all of the decisions we make on product. We’re looking to build product that is simple, fast, supportive and which can scale with our users. With those guidelines in mind, we launched automatic, online benefits enrollment, as well as a streamlined dashboard to help make your job easier.   Read More
Apr 16

Just A Note: Camilla Velasquez on coming in as Head of Product

I joined Justworks as Head of Product a few months ago. I’d previously been at Etsy, where I worked for almost four years, building out various teams and lines of businesses. Leaving was a difficult decision, not because I was attached to the work per se, but because I was attached to my team.FullSizeRender

When I first joined Etsy, we were putting together a team to build a new payment system for the marketplace. For 3 years the Payments team worked together very closely, quickly expanding in scope and size. The product needed to work flawlessly – there isn’t room for error when you’re handling people’s money. For that to happen, we had to build a cross-functional team that checked their egos - doing whatever it took to get the job done even if it wasn’t in their job description - and also generate a tremendous amount of trust amongst us.

The months leading up to launch were some of the happiest of my career. Leaving Etsy, and the Payments team in particular, was a difficult decision, but I knew I wanted to recreate to that feeling of a close-knit team, working on high-stakes, complex, and valuable work.  That's where Justworks comes in.

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Apr 15

The Case for Hiring Recent Graduates

Hiring is one of the most important tasks a founder will do. When your company is just starting out, attracting the right talent is one of the most integral things you can do to help it succeed. However, that begs the question: what really is the right talent for a young company? When we think of the right talent, we normally think of the best-in-class people in each field. But is that actually what a startup needs? Hiring the top available the talent, the "experts," is costly and possibly out of reach for new companies. 

People are attached to the idea that you have to hire “rockstars.” These are the people who came from the best school, have worked on the best projects, and are believed to be omnipotent when it comes to getting projects accomplished.  I’ve worked with one of these. He’s an insanely talented developer. He’s also extremely expensive. 

There’s another demographic of potential employee that I think is too easily overlooked. And it’s the demographic that I think employers—old and new—should be fighting to have, but aren’t.

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Apr 14

Boost Employee Morale and ROI Without Paying a Dime

Truly loving your career is about a lot more than just doing what you’re good at. After all, none of us work in a vacuum and other people’s habits, ideas and project execution consistently affect both our work performance and our work attitude.

And this isn’t something to be brushed under the rug. Studies have consistently proven that happy employees work harder. In fact, in a lab setting, happier people were 12% more productive. In Google’s own offices, however, happier employees were 37% more productive.

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Apr 10

Practical Matters: A conversation with Jessica Banks @ RockPaperRobot

Practical Matters is a series of conversations with founders and senior executives at companies we know and love. Every month, we'll interview fellow entrepreneurs and their teams and ask them about their experience starting and running their respective companies. The idea is to ask them things we want to know and could learn from. 

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Apr 08

Perks That Will Help You Attract Talent

When it comes to getting talented employees, it can definitely be a seller’s economy where the talent is buying and you are the seller. How many times have you read or heard about the shortage in talented developers? At the end of the day, it can be very difficult to attract talent. But there are some perks that will help.

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